Application of TAICENN Embedded Computer ABOX-E7S in Security Patrol Robot

January 27, 2019


Application of TAICENN Embedded Computer ABOX-E7S in Security Patrol Robot

The traditional security market system is realized by "human defense + physical defense". However, with the emergence of the aging population trend and the scientific and technological problems of...

Security Patrol Robot
Security Patrol Robot

With the environment changing constantly, bad weather and other factors will increase the difficulty of security work. At this time, robots will be used instead of labor to achieve high-efficiency, high-level and difficult field applications.

Driven by the internet and big data, the security industry needs an emerging security robot that can replace the human security work in important and dangerous places, and realize data collection and build a complete security monitoring system.




Product Applications

A self-positioning navigation module of a company in Shanghai has been successfully applied in the field of security patrol robots. The laser and visual depth fusion SLAM technology provides stable and reliable autonomous positioning for security patrol robots, and all-round intelligent obstacle avoidance navigation, so that patrol robots can be replaced for people who work on different occasions. The security patrol robot monitors the security situation 24 hours a day, and can enter and exit high-risk places at will, instead of taking risks and ensuring people's lives.


Main features and usage

SLAM autonomous positioning navigation: millions of square meters of mapping capabilities, multi-sensor fusion algorithm, 3D laser radar plus differential GPS automatic driving.

Face identification: calibrate the position and size of the face, detect and identify strange illegal personnel, report the safety of personal property in the warning area.

Image processing: ray compensation, gradation transformation, histogram equalization, normalized geometric correction, filtering, and sharpening.

Feature extraction: visual features, pixel statistical features, face image transform coefficient features, face image algebra features, etc.

Matching and recognition: Matching with the feature template, when the acquaintance exceeds the threshold, the output is matched.

Monitoring management background: human-computer interaction, data analysis, alarm processing, real-time monitoring.

Wireless AP: Supports fast switching of AP hotspots with a maximum coverage radius of 150 meters.

As an industry-specific intelligent equipment service provider, TAICENN Technology cooperates with the company to open up new thinking and new realms in the field of robot services, so that robots can provide more convenience for people to enjoy life better.

Besides, TAICENN provides powerful hardware solution support. Throughout this system application, the standard modular product ABOX-E7S model from TAICENN is a perfect solution for visual computing, positioning and navigation, motion control and application control of multiple sensors.




Product application features


? Intel 6th/7th Skylake-S desktop multi-core processor, providing strong support for visual computing


? Molded high-strength embedded compact body for easy vibration response


? Efficient heat dissipation design to ensure long-term stable operation of the product


? Multiple interface support for modular design to solve multiple control and acquisition schemes


? Large-capacity memory and RAID support for big data exchange and secure storage


? Industrial grade 4G/WiFi wireless solution to meet complex mobile application environments


? 6*Intel network modular combination for complex video capture


? 9~36V vehicle power supply solution, full meet with ISO 7673-2 standard


? -20~70 °C wide temperature work, suitable for outdoor applications

TAICENN, is a leading global solution provider of Embedded Box PC, Touch panel PC and industrial monitor, which are designed specifically for systems and applications that require excellent performance, high-level reliability and stability, long supply period and supports.


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