DATA MODUL at Electronica - complete visual solutions competence

October 22, 2018


DATA MODUL at Electronica - complete visual solutions competence

Munich-based DATA MODUL AG will present its core competences in the field of visual solutions at the leading trade fair for the electronics industry electronica held from November 13 to 16.he...

DATA MODUL highlights at electronica
DATA MODUL highlights at Electronica
DATA MODUL systems
DATA MODUL systems

DATA MODUL show highlights at a glance


? Enormous 100” TFT with UHD resolution


? Three-color 12.2” ePaper


? Floating, wafer-thin AMOLED


? Sunlight-readable and energy-saving: 7.0” TFT with Blanview technology


? Alligator: 43” digital signage monitor for POI


? 21.5” high brightness monitor for outdoor applications


? 48” and 86” stretched panels


? 12.1” panel PC / Baytrail low power and high-performance solution


? Hybrid display control: touch and gesture control


? eMotion UHD II - cost-effective UHD & HDR integration


? Wireless ePaper - wireless transmission of image content


? Smart-scaler - WiFi & Bluetooth OSD expansion module


? eMotion NT2:3 - the continuation of a success story


? PCAP expansions - touch, force and gesture control


? COM Express Module - based on Intel Coffee Lake and Apollo Lake

At Electronica, DATA MODUL AG demonstrates its competence in the field of displays and presents an impressive range of different sizes, shapes and technologies.



From small 1.5” displays with a 152x152 pixel resolution for wearables and mobile devices through common sizes for industrial applications, such as HMI (10.1” WXGA, 15.6” FHD, 23.8” FHD, 31.5 “ UHD (3840x2160), to a 100” display with UHD resolution (V-by-1 interface) with 700 Nits, e.g. for indoor digital signage.



Alongside the common 4:3 and 16:9 formats, small, round displays and bar-type/stretched displays of all sizes are also on show. Here, the range stretches from 2.9” (320x120 pixel) through to sizes of 42” and 86”. This includes a 23.1” display at 1920x158 pixel, which can be controlled via WiFi and is particularly suitable for digital signage and electronic shelf labeling.



The focus is on energy-saving technologies such as MIP Memory-in-Pixel (from round 1.3” to rectangular 4.4”) and various two or three-color ePapers (1.44” to 12.2”). These technologies are predestined for applications that require minimal power consumption, because they are battery-powered, for example.

The TFTs on display, from 4.8” (720 x 1280) to 7” (also 720 x 1280 pixel), with Blanview technology are perfect for applications that must be easily readable in strong sunlight.

DATA MODUL is also exhibiting feasibility prototypes that have not yet found their way into industrial applications. The highlights here are a wave AMOLED, a round AMOLED and a paper-like AMOLED: the latter floats wafer-thin, like a leaf in the wind.

In the field of monitors and panel PCs, a representative selection of small diagonals (7”) through to large-format screens, including those in stretched format (86”), and IoT solutions for monitors will be presented. Current developments in the field of the Internet of Things are aimed, among other things, at plannable maintenance; all data can be remotely monitored via WiFi or LAN. DATA MODUL also presents solutions with facial recognition and other possible practical approaches.

The increasing focus on in-house developments allows DATA MODUL to define its own standards and implement individual, customer-oriented solutions. The DATA MODUL eMotion controller board series enables optimal, very application oriented monitor design. The various scaler boards of the eMotion series will therefore also be presented at Electronica. X86 or even ARM-based embedded boards are also used in the various panel PCs and demonstrate how DATA MODUL is implementing all of the industry requirements in the complete system.

In the embedded sector, the eDM-SBC-i.MX6-PPC board, which is based on the i.MX6 CPU and was developed especially for slim panel PCs, will be on show, among others. COM Express modules based on the latest Intel Apollo Lake and Coffee Lake platforms will also be on show, and the latest addition to the DATA MODUL eMotion control series will be presented: UHD II, the evolution of UHD. All boards have been specially developed for the industrial sector.

At Electronica DATA MODUL will once again put the emphasis of its Touch Solutions on the (potential) further development of the PCAP invention easyTOUCH. A real highlight will be an application in which touch and gesture control have been combined. A realistic example will demonstrate the benefits of the enhancement to the user. A refined ForceTouch demo and touch displays of the own-brand easyTOUCH, in particular in the new 13.3” and 18.5” diagonals, will also be on show and available to try.

The Active Stylus, which can be used to operate a 27” high-resolution screen, will also be presented to visitors to the stand. And as a “special,” the bonding specialist will present the latest bonding technologies (Air, LOCA, OCA; GEL) in a model design and give some insights into the in-house production.

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