Sponsored by: BG Networks, WINSYSTEMS
Jun 16, 2021 2PM EDT(5 days, 2 hours ago)
Cybersecurity is more critical than ever, as evidenced by the SolarWinds and Colonial Pipeline attacks causing major disruptions, hazards, and shut-downs. As billions of IoT devices are deployed each year, adversaries are becoming more adept at taking advantage of vulnerabilities in critical operational technology systems causing significant financial, operational, and safety impacts. Most IoT developers agree security is a top concern. However, few have the expertise with cybersecurity protocols necessary to secure devices. As a result, many IoT devices are deployed without even a cybersecurity baseline, creating system vulnerabilities for hackers to exploit. This webinar will tackle the critically important topic of IoT cybersecurity, highlight the obstacles developers face implementing security on IoT devices, and describe how to create a baseline security architecture with simple tools and resources. Experts from BG Networks and WINSYSTEMS will present essential aspects of cybersecurity, including: -        Establish and extend device root-of-trust -        Secure boot  -        Anomaly detection using NXP I.MX 8 features -        Data Encryption -        Secure debug and I/O interfaces  -        Secure Over-the-Air (OTA) updates -        Secure communications -        Key management BG Networks and WINSYSTEMS know cybersecurity is complex, time-consuming, and challenging to implement. This webinar is for embedded engineers and their managers who develop IoT software and have limited time to fully add cybersecurity. Our goal is to help these developers implement essential security features quickly and easily using automation tools, open-source software, and security-enabled features in off-the-shelf hardware.