Sponsored by: Texas Instruments
Jun 08, 2021 11AM EDT (in 30 days, 13 hours)
Are you developing a product which could benefit from leveraging multiple wireless technologies? Connectivity solutions continue to demand enhanced applications which can utilize the unique advantages of different wireless standards. This could include Bluetooth® Low Energy smartphone connectivity, Zigbee® or Thread mesh networking, or long-range/low-power Sub-1 GHz. Traditional solutions would require a two-chip design, which increases board size and expenses. But with the SimpleLink™ wireless MCU platform from Texas Instruments, multi-protocol solutions can now be supported on a single chip with the use of the Dynamic Multi-protocol Manager (DMM) software module. Using the SimpleLink multi-band CC1352R wireless MCU, for example, you can use both Bluetooth LE and Sub-1 GHz operations at the same time by leveraging DMM. This allows for innovative solutions such as a smart electronic door lock which can seamlessly communicate with a Sub-1 GHz network and be upgraded or controlled through a Bluetooth LE connection. Through this embedded tutorial, you will: Learn the basics of DMM through exploring common use cases Understand how using multiple RF protocols can add value to your product Discover the optimal SimpleLink wireless MCU for your application Get a quick overview of the entire SimpleLink wireless MCU family, with recently introduced devices Receive further resources to jump-start development