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Sponsored by: Anritsu
Jun 24, 2021 2PM EDT (3 hours, 33 minutes ago)
Bluetooth devices are everywhere. The number of Bluetooth devices shipped this year is expected to exceed that of any other wireless technology. For those developing Bluetooth devices, understanding the technology, the advancements and how to test is critical to improving quality and customer experi... [Read More]
Sponsored by: Texas Instruments
Jul 08, 2021 2PM EDT (in 13 days, 20 hours)
The number of connected devices around us is growing, and Linux® is enabling much of the growth from the backbone to the edge. In this embedded tutorial, Senior Software Application Engineer Schuyler Patton will showcase Texas Instruments’ new AM64x processor starter kit. The $99 board includes dual... [Read More]
Sponsored by: Arrow Electronics
Jul 21, 2021 11AM EDT (in 26 days, 17 hours)
Microsoft’s future roadmap includes releasing new LTSC editions every two to three years, and the new LTSC 2021 product arrives right at the three-year mark. The Long-Term Service Channel (LTSC) IoT products are designed specifically for purpose-built appliances and devices that need 10 years of sup... [Read More]