R-SATA SSD electrical design reliability

July 03, 2018


R-SATA SSD electrical design reliability

Rugged SATA, SAS SATA, Military SATA SSD, Defense SATA SSD, Aviation SATA SSD

1.Unique over-voltage, over-current protection to circuit, which is perfect suitable for the instability scenariosofthearmoredcar,battleplane,unmanned aerial vehicle, motor vehicle etc.

2. Abnormal power failure protection, 30000 times power down test with zero failurewarranty. R-Backup patent technology to protect the data 100% is not lost when thecapacitor is aging to remaining 30% of initial design.

3. High resistance to vibration, shock.

4. Performance declining is no more than 20% under the stable condition while filling withany data.

5. All of nand flash is sorted by NFA100 nand flash analyzer; MLC raw error bit rate is 10 -5.8


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