LDRA and Lynx to deliver verification and certification environment for 2nd generation IMA

June 19, 2018


LDRA and Lynx to deliver verification and certification environment for 2nd generation IMA

LDRA tool suite to Support LynxSecure Safety Bundle for Intel Multi-core Processors

LDRA, the leader in automated software compliance and verification, and Lynx Software Technologies, the world leader in open, mixed criticality system development, today extended their partnership to integrate the LDRA tool suite with the LynxSecure Safety Bundle (LSB) announced this week. The LDRA tool suite is already available for use with the LynxOS family of operating systems, including LynxOS-178, for the development and verification of high and mixed criticality embedded applications. As the market shifts towards the 2nd generation of Integrated Modular Avionics (IMA), LDRA is prepared to support avionic system integrators with their test, verification, and certification requirements.

Commenting, Lee Cresswell, Vice President of Global Sales at Lynx Software Technologies, said, “The LSB integrates the full range of system development services for platform suppliers to build, deploy, and sustain their 2nd generation IMA platform. The LDRA tool suite is a comprehensive and fully integrated suite of standards compliance, automated software verification, source code analysis, and test tools. Together, Lynx and LDRA are offering avionics system designers a truly compelling solution that is both exceptionally flexible and very open. Our announcement today will drive a dramatic reduction in the development time, cost, and risk associated for IMA systems based on multi-core platforms.”

Ian Hennell, Operations Director at LDRA added, “LDRA is excited to extend its partnership with Lynx to support LSB, an open system architecture solution that unlocks the potential of multi-core processors to deliver 2nd generation IMA. The LDRA tool suite provides designers using LSB with a complete solution for certification and verification, whether they are working on bare metal, LynxOS-178, or another popular operating system option. We believe that the integration between LSB and the LDRA tools provides significant benefit to developers of mixed criticality avionics designs on complex multi-core architectures.

Uniquely, the LDRA tool suite provides standards compliance and traceability throughout the software development life cycle, from functional safety and security requirements to design, coding, and verification. It adds to the already extensive capabilities of Luminosity, an Eclipse based Integrated Development Environment from Lynx. Together, these tools offer developers a comprehensive solution that helps them reduce cost and time to market while combining high, medium, and low criticality systems on complex multi-processing platforms.”

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