DiSTI's GL Studio 6.3 Hits the Market

By Laura Dolan

Senior Copywriter


April 29, 2019


DiSTI's GL Studio 6.3 Hits the Market

GL Studio continues advancing the industries technology with a continued focus on performance, fidelity, and reliability in the latest release.

Orlando, FL. The DiSTI Corporation has released GL Studio 6.3 with improvements to the GLS-Map Toolkit and 50 additional GL Studio improvements helping in the creation of 2D and 3D HMI/UI for the Aerospace, Automotive, Defense and Medical industries.

GL Studio 6.3’s new features include:
•Improved Package Management System adding searchable/sorting functionality to the GUI
•Multiple text enhancements like Text Ligature Controls for using Complex Text Layout
•A new PSD Importer for text rendering in various languages
•The GLS-Map Toolkit (1.5.1), optional add-on, released with UTM projection for Shapefiles and customer render callback support

"The GL Studio development team has been working very hard to provide the latest release based primarily on customer feedback," said UX/UI Technology’s VP, Chris Giordano. "As we grow in our core markets, we continue to adapt and enhance GL Studio to accommodate the latest technology and the newest hardware and software architectures. We are excited to bring these new features to market for the benefit of all GL Studio customers."  

"Our team continues to respond to our rapidly expanding customer base to enhance technology in our industry with the development of a solid GL Studio user experience," said Joe Swinski, CEO of DiSTI. "DiSTI with GL Studio continues to be the developer's choice for design without compromise. Developers and designers conceptualize, develop, and deliver faster with GL Studio than any other tool in the market."

Learn more at https://www.disti.com/.