Keysight Fights Against Cyber-Attacks on Connected Vehicles

August 06, 2019

Press Release

Keysight Fights Against Cyber-Attacks on Connected Vehicles

Delivers hardware, software and services that address many of the cybersecurity risks examined in recent Consumer Watchdog report.

Keysight Technologies, Inc. plans to tackle the growing concern over cyber-attacks on connected vehicles with its cybersecurity portfolio.

Keysight Technologies provides solutions to test and measure connected vehicle technologies, including the Automotive Cybersecurity Program that substantiates the strength of a car’s connected components, individually or overall prior and post deployment.

Keysight is able to provide extensive security validations through Ixia Solutions Group (ISG) by testing and measuring cybersecurity effectiveness from the ECU level up to the cloud data center.

Keysight’s broad portfolio of solutions includes:

“Cars today support multiple communication methods, like Bluetooth and USB while a growing number of cars use mobile communication for a variety of services available in the car,” said Keysight’s Automotive & Energy Solutions business GM, Tom Goetzl. “Keysight’s Automotive Cyber security program can test for vulnerabilities on all available communication ports and provides direction to our customers on how to close such vulnerabilities.”

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