Intel Using New 10th Gen Intel? Core? Processors

May 04, 2020


Intel announced it is using the 10th Gen Intel? Core? processors in an effort to make edge processing more powerful.

Intel announced it is using the 10th Gen Intel® Core™ processors in an effort to make edge processing more powerful. The processors, which are used as a foundation for IoT platforms, comes equipped with 10 cores, 20 threads, LGA socket scalability, and embedded use conditions.

The company created the new processors for business sectors that need to scale to a volume of expanding data.

According to the company, the processors are ideal for embedded use cases from 35W to 65W TDP, including:

  • Digital signage solutions embedded with AI and analytics that provide real-time data about the audience and their traffic patterns and which messages work best
  • Self-service kiosks that improve customer experience through computer vision and deep learning
  • Advanced, innovative medical imaging solutions, like mobile imaging for in-patient or distributed healthcare workflows
  • Intelligent shelving and point-of-sale devices that collect and analyze inventory throughput
  • Robotic designs with improved computer vision and deep learning performance
  • Multifunction industrial PCs connected to multiple HD cameras for near-real-time anomaly detection or asset tracking
  • Smart casino gaming tables that track bets and active play with computer vision and AI

The virtualization technology allows for convergance of workloads and utilization by virtualizing CPU, memory, and I/O, per the company.

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