Image Matters commits to embedded world 2018

January 31, 2018

Press Release

Image Matters commits to embedded world 2018

Image Matters is showcasing its unique modular origami FPGA-based hardware solutions at this years Embedded World Conference.


“Our attendance at this years’ Embedded World Conference validates our commitment to delivering OEM embedded high speed hardware solutions enabling next generation video imaging applications. Combined with our IM-B20 Xilinx UltraScale Kintex FPGA module and development environment, world class IP-Core vendors come together in the origami ecosystem. Their purpose is to provide licensing solutions to empower OEM designs and help them deliver products quicker to market” - Jean-François Nivart, Image Matters CEO.

Image Matters flagship solution, the off the shelf IM-B20, is a credit card sized module using the Xilinx UltraScale Kintex FPGA. All the components needed around the FPGA processor for advanced applications are included in the module including memory, flash, power supplies and the exclusive Z-Ray interconnector.

IM-B20 is equipped to deliver real time extreme imaging for all video formats up to 8K UHD-2 with a special provision for security, including secure IP-Cores, firmware and processed content with encryption, key-management and physical security enclosure.

Developers can design their own connector carrier boards using the exclusive Z-Ray interconnector to interface to the IM-B20 with well-defined fixed pinouts. As Image Matters delivers new, faster FPGA modules to meet the ever-increasing speed demands of video and AI applications, developers know the new module will fit their existing host circuit board, effectively future proofing their designs.

Image Matters de-risk extreme high-speed hardware designs, and are constantly developing modules based on the latest and fastest FPGA’s. Demand for higher frame rates, pixel count and depth, are on a rapidly climbing upward trend. Image Matters origami™ ecosystem continuously delivers to meet the needs of future extreme imaging solutions.

The origami ecosystem is a collection of top level hardware vendors, IP-core vendors and design houses dedicated to building an extraordinary efficient development and deployment environment. In this ecosystem, functions and possibilities expand dramatically as direct access to extended libraries of pre-integrated IP-Cores are provided from world class vendors.

Optimized, high performance licensed codecs are available and guaranteed to work on the IM-B20, including TICO, JPEG2000 and HEVC. Further de-risking OEM products, designers have prototypes and technology-demo’s working in just a few weeks.

Image Matters experts will be available to share knowledge and experience at this years Embedded World Conference, committed to the conference mantra “embedded goes autonomous”, origami ecosystem efficiently delivers a combined hardware and development environment to empower OEM’s to deliver high speed FPGA extreme imaging applications.