Embedded World 2019 Best in Show Award Nominees: MPUs, MCUs, & IP

February 20, 2019


Embedded World 2019 Best in Show Award Nominees: MPUs, MCUs, & IP

Embedded Computing Design's Best in Show Awards recognize innovative solutions for electronics engineers that will be showcased at Embedded World 2019. Here, we outline logic solutions.

Embedded Computing Design's Best in Show Awards recognize innovative solutions for embedded, IoT, and machine learning engineers that will be showcased at the Embedded World 2019 Exhibition & Conference. Here, we outline nominees for the 2019 Best in Show Award in the category of Microprocessors, Microcontrollers, and IP.

Cadence Design Systems Tensilica DNA 100 Processor IP

The Cadence Tensilica DNA 100 Processor IP is the first deep neural network accelerator (DNA) AI processor IP to support and deliver both high performance and power efficiency across a full range of compute, from 0.5 TeraMAC (TMAC) to 100 TMACs. As a result, the DNA 100 processor is well suited for on-device neural network inference applications spanning autonomous vehicles (AVs), advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS), embedded, IoT, surveillance, robotics, and smart home markets.

Tensilica DNA 100 Processor IP delivers:

  • Leading performance and power efficiency for edge-based neural network applications
  • Complete AI platform with software toolchain and ecosystem

Datasheet: https://f002.backblazeb2.com/file/bestinshowawards/public/entries/1550254940.phpeGW5ie.pdf

Renesas Electronics Corporation RZ/G2 Microprocessors

The high-performance RZ/G2 MPUs are designed for industrial and building automation applications. Based on 64-bit Arm® Cortex®-A57 and Cortex-A53 cores, the MPUs feature a combination of ECC protection on both internal and external memories; a full Verified Linux Package (VLP) featuring a Civil Infrastructure Platform (CIP) Super Long-Term (10+ years) Support (SLTS) Linux kernel; and a comprehensive set of integrated communications, graphics, and video interfaces bundled with a software development environment that binds safety, security, and reliability across the software and hardware. The second-generation MPUs are also supported by the RenesasRZ/G Linux Platform for industrial applications.

The RZ/G2 MPUs address the performance, reliability, and long-term software support required for industrial and building automation applications. Renesas is the first CIP member to support the new 64-bit Arm CIP kernel, and the MPUs will serve as the standard global hardware reference for the certification and release of CIP Linux packages. The MPUs deliver up to 2.7 times the CPU processing performance of previous RZ/G1 MPUs, up to 36 percent higher performance than other available embedded 64-bit MPUs, and are the only embedded MPUs to offer ECC on internal and external memories for all the devices in the group.

Datasheet: www.renesas.com/us/en/products/rzg-linux-platform.html

STMicroelectronics STM32MP1 Microprocessor

STM32MP1 series multicore MPU leverages the strong, proven STM32-family ecosystem from ST and its partners, including tools and technical support. With the simultaneous release of OpenSTLinux as a mainlined, open-source Linux distribution, ST extends the STM32 family to address important customer requirements for real-time, power-constrained applications. With this combination of Cortex-A7 MPU core, Cortex-M4 core, and software, ST has assembled all the pieces to match the product-supply requirements of higher-end industrial and professional applications. Of course, the STM32MP1 is included in ST's rolling 10-year longevity commitment.

The STM32MP1 brings the strength of the STM32 experience to applications that need MPU compute and graphics support, combined with power-efficient real-time control and high feature integration. ST's commitment to consolidating open-source Linux software – proven with prior review and approval of the Linux Foundation, Yocto project, and Linaro – and microcontroller development support, combined with the 10-year longevity commitment that consumer-oriented alternatives cannot equal, establish the STM32MP1 for embedded MPU projects. Finally, a dedicated Power-Management IC integrates four DC/DC buck converters, six LDOs, a DC/DC boost converter, and USB VBUS and general-purpose power switches to supply all power rails for STM32MP1 and its board for battery-powered applications.

Datasheet: www.st.com/en/microcontrollers-microprocessors/stm32mp1-series.html

UltraSoC Lockstep Monitor

Part of UltraSoC's embedded analytics offering for automotive applications, the UltraSoC Lockstep Monitor is a new hardware-based, scalable solution to significantly improve functional safety by checking that cores at the heart of a critical system operate reliably, safely, and securely. The Lockstep Monitor supports any processor architecture, or subsystem, to help developers meet tough safety and security standards such as ISO26262 for automotive, J3061 for cybersecurity, IEC 61508, EN50126/8/9, or CE 402/2013. UltraSoC's flexible IP also supports all common lockstep/redundancy architectures, including full dual-redundant lockstep, split/lock, master/checker, and voting with any number of cores or subsystems.

UltraSoC's Lockstep Monitor works with any processor architecture, even those such as RISC-V, lacking native support for lockstep configurations. RISC-V is gaining traction in safety-critical applications, particularly automotive. UltraSoC's Lockstep Monitor allows any RISC-V system, with open source or commercial cores, to incorporate sophisticated safety capabilities. Unlike traditional approaches, it includes flexible, run-time configurable embedded intelligence, allowing designers to tailor monitoring and response systems to applications. In addition to traditional processor cores, it can check other subsystems or accelerators and responds at wire speed, with no execution overhead on the host system because it is implemented in hardware.

Datasheet: https://f002.backblazeb2.com/file/bestinshowawards/public/entries/1549630942.phpTgAanh.pdf

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