Model-based development with AURIX microcontrollers

March 22, 2018


Model-based development with AURIX microcontrollers

To enable effective model-based development with AURIX microcontrollers, Hitex and Willert have adapted IBM Rational Rhapsody to the AURIX multicore-architecture.

UML-based development for Infineon AURIX

UML-based development for Infineon AURIX

Hitex and Willert have jointly adapted the code generation of the IBM Rational Rhapsody modeling tool to Infineon's AURIX Multicore architecture and optimized it to directly generate production code from UML models. Apart from efficiency and deterministic time behavior, the benefits include that the generated code is understandable, MISRA compliant, and certifiable. It is also possible to debug the models with the code running on the target hardware.

The major advantage of model-driven engineering is that the model generates the single source of truth (SSoT or SPoT for single point of truth). From the specification, the model is incrementally developed until fully implemented. During this process, the model fulfills various functions: it serves as documentation and provides the basis for the definition of link relationships and traceability analyzes, and enables finding errors on the basis of early-stage simulation.

In this way completeness and maturity of the model grow continuously. The source is always the model and thus it is only logical that in the end also the production code is generated from the model. Production code generation makes great demands on the generator regarding the optimization of resources (run time, memory), comprehensibility and quality (MISRA) of the generated code.

About Hitex:

Hitex GmbH, based at Karlsruhe/Germany, was founded in 1976 as a systems house. Today, Hitex is focusing on a comprehensive product and service portfolio for embedded systems. The broad portfolio on the key issues software quality and functional safety covers the entire development process. With tools for unit testing, static code analysis, and safety components, Hitex helps to make software more powerful and safer, and to shorten development time. Development expertise in safety critical projects is complemented by test tools for static and dynamic code analysis as well as unit test services. Hitex is not only offering professional tools, but also consulting, training, test services or certification support as well as production services.

About Willert:

Since its foundation in 1992, the main business of Willert Software Tools GmbH lies in the area of software development for small systems with restricted resources and hard real-time demands.


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