Linux Foundation launches ACRN open-source embedded hypervisor project

March 16, 2018


Linux Foundation launches ACRN open-source embedded hypervisor project

PORTLAND, OR. The Linux Foundation announced the ACRN embedded reference hypervisor project at the Embedded Linux Conference earlier this week. ACRN is an open-source framework consisting of two components: a hypervisor and device model, including rich I/O mediators. The small-footprint hypervisor was designed with real-time and safety-critical requirements in mind, and is based on significant contributions from Intel.

ACRN will have a Linux-based service OS and the ability to simultaneously run multiple types of guest operating systems, providing a powerful solution for workload consolidation,” says Imad Sousou, Corporate Vice President and General Manager of the Open Source Technology Center at Intel Corporation.

ACRN will incorporate input from the open-source, embedded, and IoT developer communities, and encourages contributions to the project.

ACRN’s optimization for resource-constrained devices and focus on isolating safety-critical workloads and giving them priority make the project applicable across many IoT use cases,”says Jim Zemlin, executive director of The Linux Foundation.

Initial ACRN members include ADLINK, Aptiv, LT, Neusoft, and Intel. For more information, visit