Digi XBee Takes on IoT Development, Manufacturing, Deployment and Management Tools

By Laura Dolan

Senior Copywriter


July 31, 2019


Digi XBee Takes on IoT Development, Manufacturing, Deployment and Management Tools

Digi International?s flagship embedded connectivity product line provides the hardware and software to create a complete networking solution that accelerates IoT projects from inception to reality.

Digi International has unveiled a series of new software and development tools for the Digi XBee Ecosystem, improving the existing Digi XBee product family by allowing users to develop, manufacture, deploy and manage industrial IoT solutions in a simpler way. 

Digi XBee has laid a solid foundation for IoT with its portfolio including wireless modules, gateways, adapters, software and device management tools, all engineered to offer edge intelligence and fast-track wireless development of applications for worldwide operations.

The Development Tools include:

1.      MicroPython Programmability

2.       Digi XBee Interface Board (XBIB-C)

3.       Digi XBee GPS Daughter Board

4.       Digi XBee Plug-In for PyCharm IDE

The Manufacturing Tools include:

5.      Digi XBee Multi Programmer 

The Deployment Tools include:

6.      Digi XBee Network Assistant

7.      Digi XBee3 USB Adapter

8.       Digi XBee Mobile App

Network Management Tools include:

9.       Digi Remote Manager

“With this rollout, developers will see increased value across the entire Digi XBee Ecosystem,” said Digi International’s Director of Product Management, Mark Tekippe. “Digi XBee tools support every phase of the IoT product lifecycle from initial development and testing, through manufacturing, large-scale deployment and network management.” 

For more information on the Digi XBee Ecosystem’s new suite of software and development tools, visit https://www.digi.com/pr/digi-xbee.

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