Squish GUI Tester 6.4 Release with Cutting-edge Object Recognition Features

June 26, 2018


Squish GUI Tester 6.4 Release with Cutting-edge Object Recognition Features

froglogic, the leading cross-platform GUI testing company, today announced the release of Squish GUI Tester 6.4. This version introduces cutting-edge GUI object recognition features: flexible and...

Squish 6.4 released

Squish 6.4 released

"Squish GUI Tester is one of the few tools on the market, which can do both: object-based and image-based GUI testing." said Harri Porten, froglogic CTO. While the advantages of GUI toolkit awareness such as robustness throughout the application lifecycle still apply, Squish GUI Tester now features a straight forward solution for custom UI controls that would be unrecognized otherwise. "It's not just about finding images, it's a fuzzy image lookup that works in cross-platform environments and covers adaptive rendering styles and different test configurations", Harri Porten completed.

A previous Squish innovation - the introduction of Behaviour Driven Development to the world of GUI testing - already supports non-programmers to specify and automate tests. The new underlying script-based object map offers test engineers a flexible and powerful way to tweak the object lookup via properties. "The script-based object map leverages the native concepts of the scripting language being used in your project, coders will love to use it for dynamic object lookups" said Nico Kaufmann, Software Developer at froglogic. The new object map is tightly integrated with Squish's test creation environment through object name code completion and refactoring and it plays well together with Squish's capture and playback approach.

Squish GUI Tester 6.4 is available as of now: https://www.froglogic.com/news/squish-gui-teste[...]. Existing customers can download it through https://www.froglogic.com/squish/download/. Evaluators are welcome to request a free trial of Squish through https://www.froglogic.com/squish/free-trial/.

About froglogic:

froglogic is the market leading cross-platform GUI test tool vendor. froglogic's functional test automation tool Squish GUI Tester is used by more than 3000 software QA departments around the globe and integrates with DevOps and agile processes. Squish Coco, froglogic's code coverage analysis tool, measures the test coverage of automated GUI tests and unit tests and helps to optimize software testing within your development, testing oder operations team. froglogic GmbH is based in Hamburg, Germany with additional offices in the USA and Poland.


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