New Datakey Bar Series receptacles minimize mounting space

May 31, 2018


New Datakey Bar Series receptacles minimize mounting space

New Datakey receptacles feature flat targets on the bottom surface of the receptacle.

Figure 1
Figure 1
Figure 2
Figure 2

ATEK Access Technologies released the latest additions to its Datakey Bar Series of ruggedized removable memory devices. The BRFG and BRFN panel-mount Bar receptacles minimize the required internal mounting space by eliminating the pins that would normally extend into the enclosure. The new receptacles instead feature flat targets on the bottom surface of the receptacle. Spring probes from within the enclosure are used to contact the flat targets.

Datakey Bar receptacles and memory tokens are frequently designed-in to tactical military cryptographic devices. In these applications, the removable Bar memory token functions as a Crypto Ignition Key (CIK), where it functions as a credential that both enables operation of the crypto device and declassifies the device when it is removed. Figure 1 shows a Bar memory token being inserted into a Bar receptacle.

“Crypto devices have been continually shrinking in size, down to the point where some are truly handheld devices,” said Paul Plitzuweit, Senior Product Manager for the Datakey product line. “When trying to squeeze everything in to a smaller space, millimeters count.”

Small spring-probe contacts are used to connect to the flat targets on the underside of the receptacle. Some of these spring-probe contacts are as small as a tenth of an inch (2.54 mm) in height, so small that they reside within the thickness of the enclosure wall, where they essentially take up almost no internal space. Figure 2 shows a cross-section view of the new Bar receptacle with an interfacing PCB with low-profile spring probes.

With the addition of these new models, the panel-mount Bar receptacles are now available in three different pin lengths, accommodating various housing thicknesses (see Figure 3). Bar receptacles use a non-traditional mounting, where they mount on the surface of a device or can be integrated into a corner to minimize the amount of front panel space required.

Bar memory tokens mate with all Bar receptacles and utilize an internal EEPROM for data storage. Memory capacities range from 1 kilobit to 256 kilobits with an option of SPI, I2C or Microwire serial interfaces. Like the receptacles, the Bar memory tokens utilize solid over-molded construction using an engineered thermoplastic. The Bar removable memory system is designed for challenging military and industrial applications. The system has been tested to several MIL-STD-810 environmental specifications, including: shock, vibration, immersion, salt-fog, blowing dust, blowing sand, freezing rain, solar radiation and more. The Bar receptacle and memory token system has an operating temperature range of -40°C to +85°C (-40°C to +100°C storage).

The Bar removable memory system provides an intuitive slide-in/slide out operation and features an open design for easy in-field cleaning. It also incorporates features that provide audible and tactile feedback when the token is fully inserted. All Bar receptacles are secured using two internal screws, providing for a tamper-evident installation. The receptacles are offered with or without an adhesive gasket, which contributes to the receptacle's IP-67 rating.

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