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Low-cost, low-power microphones are an essential component in many devices nowadays, from wearables to cars. As voice interfaces and digital assistants become more popular, there will be a growing need for compact, affordable subsystems that can take an audio input and convert it to digital data.

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The 6G Vision and Drivers project was developed to provide early and timely direction for global 6G activities. Per the company, it will also facilitate information exchanges within its internal partnership and relevant stakeholders.
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The InferX X1 offers ideal performance of neural network models such as object detection and recognition, and other neural network models, for robotics, industrial automation, medical imaging, and more.
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The two TrenchFET MOSFETs in the SiZ240DT are internally connected in a half-bridge configuration. Its Channel 1 MOSFET provides on-resistance of 8.05 m? at 10 V and 12.25 m? at 4.5 V. The Channel 2 MOSFET features on-resistance of 8.41 m? at 10 V and 13.30 m? at 4.5 V.
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Next-generation ASIC/SoC design flows are more structurally complex, and require new fault models and additional test patterns.

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