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It?s no secret that electronics systems are becoming more complex across all industries. It is less obvious how this complexity has infiltrated power supply design. For instance, functional complexity is commonly addressed by using ASICs, FPGAs, and microprocessors to enrich application feature sets in ever-smaller form factors.

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Vector announced that it is now offering vConnect, a new and comprehensive Over-The-Air solution. vConnect contains a modular OTA framework, from back end to vehicle.
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Senet released a full suite of Radio Access Network planning and management tools, development programs, and co-marketing initiatives for the deployment of commercial LoRaWAN solutions.
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Harwin started production in its new manufacturing facilities at the Portsmouth headquarters in the South of England. Providing an additional 1,200m? of factory floor, per the company, the new facility is enabling the company to scale up production of its (Hi-Rel) connectors to meet market requirements.
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Did you know there were standards established for wireless charging? In fact, they?re up to Rev. 2.0 of the standard. This was news to me. Stephen Rizzone, the President and Chief Executive Officer of Energous Corp. joined me to fill in the gaps, which in my case, were fairly wide. With the new spec, the distance the device can be from the charger is now measured in feet.

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