Monday 10/19


Frequency monitoring circuits are addressed in several varieties. A ''zero-crossing detector'' is considered one of the most common methods due to its simplicity of design for periodic and regular signals. However, if the signal is aperiodic or irregular (contains a non-instantaneous zero period between pulses) zero-crossing cannot be used. In such cases a peak to peak frequency monitor is a desired alternative.

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Guerrilla RF introduced the GRF5506 ? W linear power amplifier. The amplifiers were developed for 5G and 4G wireless infrastructure applications that require native linearity over a temperature range of -40?C to 85?C.
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The Nokia Automated Analytics Solution for Access Control is designed to streamline and automate the process of identifying people with elevated temperatures and confirm mask compliance, in large environments with multiple accesses.
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InnoPhase announced it has joined the STMicroelectronics Partner Program. As a partner, the company is able to combine its Talaria TWO WiFi + BLE connectivity with ST?s low-power microcontrollers.
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Designers are well aware of the thermal management problems of high power processors but may not consider the thermal management issues of power supplies. Not unlike the transistor-packed processors themselves, worst-case thermal problems are inevitable when low core voltages require high current?the overall trend for the power supplies for all data processing systems.

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