Friday 10/16


Nowadays, the market is driven to design products with multiple RF protocols in a single box, known as Gateway. There are many and varying benefits of wireless connectivity which delivers better user experience and different protocols which offer complementary strengths.

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dSPACE is setting new standards for testing of 4-D radar sensors with a new target simulator. According to the company, the DARTS 9040-G is the first simulator worldwide to process multiple radar signals simultaneously with a bandwidth of up to 5 GHz.
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The technology group and developer of automated guided vehicles (AGV), St?ubli WFT, entered into a partnership with Wiferion as the supplier of inductive charging technology.
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The partnership enables iWave's customers across the Medical, Industrial, and Automotive domains to leverage application ready HMI modules with suitable 3D GUI and accelerate the development of secure and reliable end applications.
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There?s a ton going on in the world of FPGAs these days, and we didn?t want to miss out on the fun. So we tapped our friends at Lattice, who sent us the CrossLink-NX evaluation board, a kit centered around the company?s CrossLink-NX embedded vision and processing FPGAs that are built on top of the Lattice Nexus Platform.

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