Tuesday 9/22


When writing code, your first priority should be readability. A lot of time is spent debugging and maintaining code, often far more than was spent writing it in the first place. So, making that process efficient is essential.

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Global technology solutions provider, Avnet, introduced the Monarch Go Pi HAT*, a new development kit designed to help product engineers and network developers enable suitable LTE connectivity for IoT solutions.
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Bridgetek continues to build up the portfolio of hardware available to support its pioneering PanL home/building automation platform.
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e-con Systems announced the launch of its STURDeCAM20 industrial grade GMSL camera and STURDeCAM20_CUXVR camera kit leveraging the capabilities of the NVIDIA Jetson edge AI platform.
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The integrated circuits are the heart of any electronic device. Nowadays, the performance of these chips and clock frequencies are going higher and higher to meet the high-speed data traffic over the Internet, or intensive CPU tasks itself.

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