Wednesday 9/16


Formal verification is the process of comparing two designs written in a hardware description language (HDL) to ensure they are functionally equivalent. A subset of functional verification, it provides a critical first step in checking the functional equivalence of two designs without using simulation.

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flow diagram of Formal verification

Sourceability, the digital supply chain solutions provider, launched a BOM management tool with ?one-click? transaction capabilities. Designed for procurement specialists and purchasing departments, the BOM tool delivers on quotes and ?one-click? purchasing.
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MIPI Alliance announced the availability of MIPI A-PHY v1.0, which according to the company is the first industry-standard, long-reach serializer-deserializer (SerDes) physical layer interface.
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Xilinx announced the release of the T1 Telco Accelerator card for O-RAN distributed units (O-DUs) and virtual baseband units (vBBUs) in 5G networks.
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5G won?t take off without significant infrastructure. And it?s no secret that the dominant supplier of that infrastructure is now politically unpopular.

What other options do we have?

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