Monday 9/14


Rumors of a union between the world?s leading GPU provider and CPU IP vendor have been swirling for a couple of months now, but on Sunday night it became official: NVIDIA is purchasing Arm from Softbank for a reported $40 billion.

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According to Semico?s Inflection Point Indicator (IPI) Report, semiconductor revenues fell 8.0% from June to July, but are still on pace for 3.3% growth in 2020.
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IAR Systems announced updates of its IAR Embedded Workbench for Arm. The update includes complete coverage for the ultra-low-power Renesas RE microcontroller (MCU) Family.
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According to the company, the investment will accelerate Inkron's development of high-performance optical materials needed in critical components of augmented reality (AR) glasses, 3D sensors, and other diffractive optical elements (DOE).
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Lattice Semiconductor?s Single-Wire Aggregation IP provides two main advantages to FPGA users: Lower cost and less space.

Single-Wire Aggregation (SWA) IP allows developers to aggregate up to seven I2C, I2S, GPIO, and/or DisplayPort Auxiliary (DP-AUX) transmission/receive (Tx/Rx) signals into one single-ended connection, reducing the number of physical board-to-board or component-to-component connectors required in a given design.

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