Thursday 5/16

As artificial intelligence (AI) is proving useful in a spectrum of other arenas, technology leaders are keen to access its value in distinguishing a much higher level of long-term, predictive maintenance strategies.

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GigaSpaces? InsightEdge real-time in-memory analytics platform has achieved Red Hat Open Shift Operator Certification.
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NXP and Microsoft will deliver Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) capabilities for anomaly detection to Azure IoT users.
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VIA Technologies, Inc.?s IoT and Edge AI systems are now certified for Microsoft's IoT Plug and Play, which will now be added to the Azure IoT Device Catalog and the Azure Certified for IoT program.
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Squirrels Research Labs has released a family of blockchain acceleration hardware based on Xilinx Virtex UltraScale+ VU33P and VU35P FPGAs and HBM2 memory.
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The mass adoption of artificial intelligence (AI) is not nearly as long in the tooth, but it?s no spring chicken either. What?s new and very exciting is what happens when you put these two powerful technologies together.
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This week the Embedded Insiders are joined by Steven Crouch, CTO of Blackmore Lidar, who discusses FM lidar and its impact on the automotive market. We also recap what went on at the GPU Technology Conference this year. Tune in.



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