AUTOMOTIVE Embedded Systems

Tuesday 11/19

KIOXIA America, formerly Toshiba Memory America, announced that it has begun testing the 512 gigabyte (GB) Automotive Universal Flash Storage3 (UFS) JEDEC Version 2.1 embedded memory solution.
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BlackBerry Limited announced Hyundai Autron selected BlackBerry QNX to power its advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS) and autonomous driving software platform.
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Traffic isn?t just bad. It?s actually getting worse.

Do you think the traffic is bad where you live? Try moving to Boston, where commuters suffer the worst highway congestion in the nation.
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NXP Semiconductors announced a new automotive UWB IC. The technology is designed to give spatial awareness to UWB-equipped cars, mobiles, and other smart devices, to enable cars to know exactly where users are.
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AIWAYS signed a Project Cooperation Agreement with the People?s Government of Gaoping City in Shanxi, China to build a methanol fuel cell production facility in the city. In a bid to further accelerate the commercialization of methanol fuel cell vehicles, AIWAYS will produce 80,000 methanol hydrogen fuel cell power systems annually at the new facility, for application in future vehicles.
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SEMI, the industry association serving the global electronics manufacturing and design supply chain, announced today that leading German vehicle manufacturer Volkswagen AG has joined SEMI.
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Real-Time Innovations (RTI), a connectivity company, unveiled Connext Drive, which provides automotive manufacturers with the software and tools to build autonomous vehicles and fleets.
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Among the pressures on automotive designers, beyond developing and integrating advanced technologies in a vehicle to provide next-generation functionality, that functionality must be presented to the driver and other vehicle users in a clear and intuitive way.

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