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Tuesday 8/6

IAR DevCon
Cameras are one of the key sensors required to aid the evolution of the autonomous vehicle. The number of cameras in automobiles is rapidly increasing with new applications continuing to emerge.
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With all that?s going on in the design of current automobiles, there?s become a huge need for memory. Western Digital is addressing that need for storage by equipping vehicle manufacturers and system solution providers with the technology and capacity to support both current and future applications including e-cockpits, AI databases, ADAS, advanced infotainment systems, and autonomous computers.
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BlackBerry Limited's number of vehicles that now have its QNX software embedded is upwards of 150 million, which is 30 million more since 2018.
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AIWAYS will attempt to execute the longest point-to-point drive of a prototype electric vehicle as part of its U5 battery-electric SUV comprehensive test and development program. The inaugural vehicle will be released in Europe in April 2020 by a Chinese brand.
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Autotalks and Datang have completed assessing chipset-level interoperability of their corresponding solutions for C-V2X direct communication at the end of June in Beijing to authenticate their solutions and conclude that they function in accordance with 3GPP Rel. 14 standards.
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UltraSoC will receive ?2m ($2.51m) from Innovate UK for a project that will improve the safety and security of connected and autonomous vehicles (CAVs) of the future. UltraSoC will also be working with the Universities of Southampton and Coventry, and cybersecurity specialist consultancy Copper Horse, to generate an on-chip monitoring solution for CAVs.
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Embedded systems used in critical infrastructure are undergoing a dramatic evolution. The advent of ubiquitous network connectivity has accelerated innovation of embedded systems at the network edge.
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The system includes cutting-edge Intel processors, customer-programmable FPGA components, a high-performance real-time operating system, and the I/O network IOCNET that provides low transmission latencies and a large data bandwidth.

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