AUTOMOTIVE Embedded Systems

Tuesday 7/16

The following proposes a smart traffic management system that leverages the Internet of Things and a decentralized approach to traffic optimization. Using intelligent algorithms, this solution can manage infrastructure and vehicle traffic thanks to a high level of data accuracy.
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Fujitsu is testing a 6.6kW (32A-250VAC) switching automotive relay for on-board battery chargers in electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles (EV/PHV).
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Hyundai Autron and Wind River will develop an autonomous driving and connectivity software platform for next generation automobiles.
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Maxim Integrated?s gigabit multimedia serial link (GMSL) serializer and deserializer (SerDes) technology is being adopted in MediaTek?s AUTUS in-vehicle infotainment (IVI) platform.
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UltraSoC and AESIN (the Automotive Electronics Systems Innovation Network) are working together to secure automotive systems through embedded monitoring capabilities.
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Excelfore?s eDatX platform is conducive to big data-driven AI learning in the areas of error detection, predictive analytics, and advanced algorithm development.
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ACEINNA?s new OpenIMU300RI is a rugged, sealed-package, open-source 9 degree of freedom IMU for autonomous vehicles and other applications.
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Industrial robots have been used for automotive assembly for quite some time, only now they also leverage AI. Where does the AI come in and how does it work? Those are the first questions I asked Kai Wang, a Director on NexCOBOT?s Robot and Automation team in this week?s Five Minutes With?discussion.

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