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Tuesday 6/4

As vehicle electrification continues at a rapid pace, the need for flash storage is also increasing within automotive subsystems. Many of these subsystems now demand as much memory and storage as modern smartphones and PCs, and, when taken cumulatively could lead to vehicles with as much as 3 TB of onboard flash.
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Infineon Technologies and Cypress Semiconductor announced that Infineon will acquire Cypress for US$23.85 per share in cash, corresponding to an enterprise value of ?9.0 billion.
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OmniVision Technologies, Inc. launched its OV2312 automotive image sensor, which enables multiple functions in one camera to reduce costs, footprint, and power consumption and make new embedded driver monitoring applications possible.
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Automotive Grade Linux (AGL) declared that CloudBees,, FPT Software, and Github have joined AGL in an effort to consolidate a shared software platform for all technology in the vehicle, from infotainment to autonomous driving.
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Nidec Corporation?s Board of Directors approved the acquisition of OMRON Automotive Electronics Co. Ltd. from OMRON Corporation.
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ROHM has added four new automotive-grade 1200V-rated IGBTs to its portfolio. The IGBTs are conductive inverters that can be deployed in electronic compressors, or for switching circuitry in positive temperature coefficient (PTC) heaters.
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Infineon Technologies AG has partnered with Volkswagen Group?s strategic supplier network ? Future Automotive Supply Tracks, or FAST ? to advance electric vehicle technology.
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KDPOF joined forces with ALPS to develop Gigabit Ethernet over POF optical link concept for telematics control unit modules.
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Recently at APEC, Pre-Switch promised to unveil their latest power solution at PCIM, and had their CleanWave 200kW silicon carbide (SiC) automotive inverter evaluation system on display there, as promised. The CleanWave inverter evaluation system uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) to constantly adjust the relative timing of elements within the switching system to force a resonance to offset the current and voltage waveforms.

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