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Tuesday 5/21

A generative model-driven development (MDD) workflow allows developers to focus on their domain and create models using domain-specific modeling tools that are optimized for specific types of problems.
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The recent growth in electric vehicle development has placed a great deal of pressure on the battery industry to create cells with higher energy density, reliability, and lifetime. Creating next-generation vehicle batteries in the quantities demanded will drive the industry for the foreseeable future.
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HCC Embedded declared that its SafeFTL has been tested and verified for Micron Technology, Inc.?s range of automotive-grade SPI NAND flash memory products, enabling automotive designers to implement reliable amounts of data to the NAND flash for automotive systems.
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This week the Embedded Insiders are joined by Steven Crouch, CTO of Blackmore Lidar, who discusses FM lidar and its impact on the automotive market. We also recap what went on at the GPU Technology Conference this year.

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The certification package is based on tests executed using the R&S CMW500 wideband radio communication tester and R&S SMBV100A vector signal generator.
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The 5G Automotive Association attended the SAE World Congress Experience to demonstrate the safety and commercial readiness of the ?Cellular Vehicle-to-Everything? (C-V2X) communication technology.
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ZF is launching its ZF coPILOT, an intelligent advanced driver assistance system (ADAS) yielding enhanced safety and driving comfort opportunities.
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If you haven't heard of a teleoperator, don't be ashamed. But you should probably get familiar with the term. A teleoperator is, more or less, the human to a remote control car. Only now they're driving street-legal vehicles. Why? Think of them as the OnStar for autonomous vehicles.

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