Embedded World 2019 Highlights - Part Two

Alix Paultre

The recent Embedded World Conference and Exposition in Nuremberg, Germany, was a great example of the energy in the electronic design industry. One of the positive aspects of working in a disruptive technology devel... Continued...

Maxim MAXREFDES101 Health Sensor Platform 2.0

Wearable evaluation and development platform that integrates a PPG analog-front-end (AFE) sensor, a biopotential AFE, a human body temperature sensor, and a microcontroller.

Sponsored by: Mouser Electronics

Five Minutes With?Quentin Ochem, Director, AdaCore

Embedded Computing Design

Ada and RISC-V? Yup, that?s exactly what?s going on, as nVidia has selected Ada to run on its RISC-V core. What does that mean for the future of Ada? That?s the question I started with this week&rs... Continued...

Comprehensively Understand and Analyze Switching Regulator Noise

Leo Liu, Analog Devices, Inc.

Abstract This article will introduce several different types of inherent switching regulator noise: switching ripple, wideband noise, and high frequency spike. The PSRRs of switching regulators as they relate to in... Continued...

Technologic Systems, Inc. Announces Partnership with Haxiot to Bring LoRaWAN to the TS-7553-V2 Single Board Computer

Katelyn Albani

FOUNTAIN HILLS, AZ. Technologic Systems, Inc. announced they will be partnering with Haxiot to make LoRaWAN available for the TS-7553-V2 single board computer. The TS-7553-V2 is developed around the NXP i.... Continued...

Renesas Electronics Announces First Embedded Flash MCU

Katelyn Albani

TOKYO, JAPAN. Renesas Electronics Corporation launched a microcontroller with embedded flash that combines a hardware-based virtualization-assisted function with the fast, real-time performance of the RH850 products... Continued...

Microchip AC164160 AVR-IoT WG Evaluation Board

Demonstrates the effectiveness of AVR and PIC MCUs in IoT sensor node solutions.

Sponsored by: Mouser Electronics

The AUTOSAR C++ and MISRA C++ Integration and Adaptive Development: So Good, or So What?

Mark Pitchford, LDRA

On 29th January 2019, MISRA and the AUTOSAR partnership (AUTomotive Open System ARchitecture) announced that their two C++ language subsets are to be integrated together. The resulting guidelines will initially appl... Continued...

Taking the Billion-Mile Test to Autonomous Drive

Kara Gremillion, ANSYS

Autonomous driving is very much in the spotlight these days. These vehicles are disrupting industries with the promise of significant benefits in terms of safety, society, and quality of life. While many envision ca... Continued...

Getting Started with Windows 10 IoT Enterprise 2019

Sponsored by: Arrow Electronics

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The Journey from Prototype to Production for AI at the Edge

Steen Graham, Intel

This is the second of three blogs from Intel that describe a developer?s journey toward designing an AI-based system. The first blog covers Software Simplicity: The Solution to Vision at the Edge and the ... Continued...

Want a Fast FPGA-based Prototype to Enable Early Software Development?

Cadence Design Systems

Successfully completing challenging SoC designs on time and on budget?with their ever-increasing software contents?requires starting the software-development process as early as possible. FPGA-based prot... Continued...

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