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OKW’s EASYTEC IIoT/Sensor Enclosures Now In Four New Sizes - Press Release

October 04, 2021

OKW has added four new sizes to its EASYTEC range of fast-mount flanged enclosures. The new larger sizes are designed to suit more complex applications that require extra installation volume – such as IT network technology and smart factory sensor equipment.


OKW’s SMART-PANEL Enclosures For IoT/IIoT Electronics - News

September 07, 2021

SMART-PANEL is designed for intelligent building control and monitoring in a range of industrial, commercial, and residential applications. They include IoT/IIoT, building services systems, electrical installations, wireless communications, measuring and control, security and access control, smart home, medical, and laboratory technology.


OKW’s New Smooth-Top SLIM-CASE For Mobile Electronics - News

August 02, 2021

OKW’s new SLIM-CASE for mobile devices is now available in a smooth-top version for installing displays, push buttons, and LEDs.


Increased Demand for OKW's CARRYTEC Medical Handheld Enclosures - Press Release

July 23, 2020

During the Coronavirus pandemic OKW is seeing rising interest in its medical electronic enclosures - notably its CARRYTEC handheld cases.


Fast Mount NET-BOX Wall Mount Enclosures - News

April 15, 2020

OKW has created a new version of its NET-BOX wall mount enclosures for control units and network nodes.


OKW's NEW STYLE-CASE For Wire Connected Electronics - Press Release

February 11, 2020

OKW has extended its range of STYLE-CASE handheld enclosures with a new version L without a battery compartment ? providing even more space inside for the electronics.


New EASYTEC Flanged Enclosures For Sensor Electronics - Press Release

December 09, 2019

OKW?s new EASYTEC sensor enclosures are available in two plan sizes and two heights.