Articles related to Actility

Senzary and Actility Join Forces to Ease IoT and LoRaWAN Adoption - Press Release

January 12, 2022

Senzary, a leading solution provider company based in Florida, USA, has become an Actility Channel Partner, in a search for optimization of their offers and acceleration of LoRaWAN® adoption in the industrial environment.


Brunei Makes its Water Management Smart with LoRaWAN - Press Release

January 12, 2022

Anian, a Brunei-based IoT solutions provider, is deploying a LoRaWAN® network throughout the Sultanate of Brunei, serving the country’s government, universities and private sector to improve the management of cities, environment and agriculture, with a focus on Smart Water use cases, such as monitoring river water levels, wastewater pumping stations, water quality and infrastructure. These solutions are deployed using Actility’s ThingPark platform and the application provided by IoThink Solutions.