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Longsys Launches DDR5 Memory and Publicizes Test Data - Story

March 22, 2021

16th March 16, 2021, Longsys Electronics launches the Longsys DDR5 memory module (ES1). Longsys' FORESEE, a technical storage brand, and Lexar, a storage brand for high-end consumer goods, will also provide strong support in their main areas of application.

The newly-launched DDR5 involves the prototypes of two new architecture products: the 1Rank x8, and the 2Rank x8 standard PC Unbuffered DIMM 288PIN On-die-ECC. Compared with DDR4, DDR5 boasts significantly improved function and performance.

The test that is presented utilized the development board of the Intel AlderLake-S ADP-S CRB and memory module of the Longsys DDR5 32GB in Windows 10 Pro x64 OS. The actual DDR5 data is shown in two pieces of widely known software: Ludashi and AIDA64.