Video Highlights from IoT Event LoRaWAN Live! 2019 In Berlin

June 24, 2019


Video Highlights from IoT Event LoRaWAN Live! 2019 In Berlin

The recent LoRaWAN Live! Event in Berlin, Germany underscored the vitality and excitement of the wireless IoT industry.

The recent LoRaWAN Live! Event in Berlin, Germany underscored the vitality and excitement of the wireless IoT industry. LoRaWAN is positioning itself as the default wireless IoT infrastructure technology (check out our column on the subject). The event’s presentations were very well attended, and the exhibit area was full of innovative solutions.

The LoRa Alliance

The LoRa Alliance held the event, and its CEO and Chairwoman, Donna Moore, delivered the opening keynote. She pointed out how the majority of wireless IoT applications are relatively low power, small data messages, which need deep penetration into buildings, as well as the ability to connect at distances enabling orbital operations. Based on the old TV band, LoRa has the range and penetration ability to serve these needs.

The LoRa Alliance also published a sponsored white paper with ABI Research, comparing LoRaWAN and NB-IoT, the twin non-cellular and cellular LPWA variants. The report pointed out LoRaWAN’s advantages over NB-IoT, such as a mature ecosystem of vendors, certified devices, and end-to-end solutions ready for implementation.

ELSYS’ IoT Sensors

In this video, Olivia and Erik from ELSYS talk about some of the various wireless sensor solutions the company created. Formed as a spin-off from Umeå University's Department of Applied Physics and Electronics, ELSYS develops and builds sensors, connected devices, and network solutions.

Omniimpex's Asset-Tracking Solutions

In this video, Stephan from Omniimpex talks about the company's asset-tracking products. The various modules address specific applications from pet tracking to theft protection of hard assets.

eWBM's Secure IoT Module

In this video, Stephen Oh, CEO of eWBM, talks about the company's secure module for IoT applications. The module adds to the LoRaWAN security specification with the AES-128 algorithm, and has security features including secure booting, secure storage, and a unique device key, not accessible from outside. The module is capable of performing Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) without the added cost of the secure element.

Talkpool’s Smart-Home IoT Solutions

In this video, Stefan Lindgren, CTO of Talkpool, goes over some of the Industrial IoT applications they address. The various solutions support specific verticals, in smart building and smart facility spaces. Their sensor systems securely address applications from HVAC monitoring and fluids management to industrial processes.

Kerlink's LoRaWAN-Based IoT Reference Design

In this video, Etienne Ghidossi of Kerlink talks about the company's LoRaWAN-based Low Power IoT Reference Design platform. Targeting applications from farming to facility management, Kerlink enables both new and legacy applications to use the latest wireless IoT solutions. The company also recently released a new member of its Wirnet family of gateways that delivers 4G backhaul connectivity with integrated internal antennas.

AAEON Talks About Their LoRaWAN Gateway

In this video, Dennis Nejdrowski of AAEON talks about the company's advanced industrial and embedded computing platforms. Committed to innovative engineering, AAEON produces integrated Industry 4.0 solutions, cutting-edge AI hardware, and IoT solution platforms that  consolidate virtual and physical networks.

Skysens’ IoT Solutions

In this video Burak Polat, CEO of Skysens, talks about the company's wireless IoT products. Established in 2015 , Skysens is focused on industry-oriented wireless IoT solutions that are easily applicable and simplified for easy integration into industrial applications and the other verticals such as buildings, cities, airports, stadiums, hospitals and others.

Looking Forward

The wireless IoT marketplace is already here and growing rapidly, although it is far from mature. LoRaWAN is trying hard to be the solution for any and all low- to mid-power low-bandwidth Cloud-based device applications. The recent LoRaWAN Live! Event has shown that they are well on their way to their goal.

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