SupplyPoint solutions help plants and warehouses take control of handheld assets

September 11, 2019

Press Release

SupplyPoint solutions help plants and warehouses take control of handheld assets

Innovative RotoPoint carousels and Clear Front Locker systems by SupplyPoint ensure that factories and warehouses can achieve both security and user-friendly access to valuable assets.

Inventory and asset management is made easy, reliable and cost effective by removing the worry and cost of important devices becoming misplaced or accidentally damaged.

RotoPoint provides a scalable and cost-effective inventory carousel solution for the secure management of a wide range of handheld assets. Running from a standard, single-phase 120V supply, the high capacity of the unit makes it ideal for the management and control of scanners and mobile devices. Available in three sizes offering up to 468 locations with 24/7 availability, the system can be easily reconfigured in line with individual requirements. For instance, every other column divider in RotoPoint is removable, allowing each compartment to be made twice the width to suit larger scanning devices.

Access to each compartment is controlled for maximum security, with all transactions logged to a specific user and cost center, thus providing full and accurate audit and reporting capabilities. Importantly, the majority of compartments in RotoPoint are hidden from view behind sturdy sliding doors, while contents can be randomly distributed around the carousel, further reducing the risk of unauthorized removal.

SupplyPoint’s Clear Front Locker provides an economic inventory access solution. The system is ideal for larger handheld scanners or mobile devices, with each locker consisting of three vertical stacks which can be configured using three, six or nine electronically controlled clear-front cupboards. These functional and intelligent powered cupboards provide recharging and serial/asset tag tracking via scan in/scan out capability. 

Convenience, simplicity and security are at the heart of Clear Front Locker, with SupplyPoint software providing a complete audit trail that allows management traceability to know who, what, where and why, with regards to usage. Access to contents is restricted by the use of username, password, biometric identification, card readers, or a combination of these options. The door locks are of a high strength and cannot be forced open in normal or aggressive use. Video recording of each transaction is also an option.

John Hook, Business Development Manager Americas at SupplyPoint, says: “When it comes to asset management, handheld scanners and mobile devices can easily be misplaced or accidentally damaged, thereby increasing cost and decreasing productivity. Solutions such as RotoPoint and Clear Front Locker present secure, cost-effective ways of protecting assets and increasing accountability, ultimately reducing replacement costs, damage and downtime looking for devices. These systems can also be managed strategically using our WebSync remote cloud-based service for data management and reporting with realtime visibility.”


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