Stay On Track in Your 5G Journey

September 21, 2021


The 5G train has left the station and it’s picking up steam. With the technology surrounding the wireless medium fairly locked down, it’s time to set our focus on the ancillary technologies, including the methods in which you connect to the IoT. That’s the bailiwick of GetWireless, a value-added distributor with a strong portfolio of embedded modules, end-device modems, intelligent gateways, and signal boosters.

The company’s EM9191 eSIM module is part of the EM Series, offering global 5G connectivity. Designed in an M.2 form factor, the EM9191 is compatible with Sierra Wireless's EM9190 module for a simple upgrade path to millimeter-wave, as well as the EM7690 module to help facilitate the migration and differentiation between 4G LTE and 5G.

In this Embedded Solutions video, you’ll hear from Dave Smith, the Vice President of IoT Solutions for GetWireless. Dave explains why eSIM is a critical component in the 5G chain, including the advantages and disadvantages of the various technologies.

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