5G And IoT Revolution: Top 10 Things to Expect

January 20, 2020


Although the hype for IoT was immense from the beginning of 2012, the processes for IoT app development is still being streamlined.

Although the hype for IoT was immense from the beginning of 2012, the processes for IoT app development is still being streamlined. 5G has shown promises to deliver 100 times faster speed than the current mobile networks. With a combination of 5G and IoT, industries are looking at the technological transformation to move towards real-world applications. An environment where multiple devices will be able to connect, share information, interpret, and deliver a seamless experience for users.

Here are the top 10 things one should expect as 5G and IoT are coming to our homes, buildings, streets, malls, offices and even in space, too:

5G Speeds and 5G Networks 

A fundamental point for bringing these technologies together, is to bring that infrastructure for connecting machines in helping them to communicate, share information, analyze, and make decisions. 5G brings the highest speed for devices to share data and information. For real-time application low latency is one of the main prerequisites, and this new-age 5G enabled IT architecture will offer them to connect multiple real-time environments in triggering a user based reaction within seconds.

Large-Scale Automation 

With high-range network empowerment, businesses can automate their operations, sending upgrades to the whole city network without having any adverse effect on system performance. There may be vehicles, cities, industries, factories, buildings, or any set of protocols specific to any industry. With IoT app development these devices can be easily controlled remotely from your smartphones, wearable devices, tablets, and desktop.

Smart Cities 

Combining two major technologies of 5G and IoT has helped us envision dreams of building smart city networks. Integrating applications and services with analytics and Artificial intelligence to bring more optimized prediction for assessing events in the future. Such as real-time notifications for real-time activities in managing traffic, parking locations, avoiding congestion, saving time, lowering pollution, and enhancing security altogether.

Smart Homes 

Especially for the home, we might see a new era of personalization with optimized power grids, automated grocery lists, tracking electronic devices, and streamlining favorite entertainment from anywhere. Any theft or break event will provide real-time notifications with IoT mobile app development connecting your smartphones with all home devices. 

Connected Vehicles 

In 5G capabilities, a large IoT system may allow autonomous vehicles, transferring products or humans, to perform  real-time tracking, monitoring, and data analysis to check performances. Automated repair facilities will evaluate a thorough check of devices for proper maintenance lowering chances of accidents. Self-driving vehicles have shown promising results in the early stage of testing although few infrastructure fallouts exist.


With IoT and 5G a dynamic smart environmental monitoring will bring a new era helping organizations and the government to cut down on their pollution, greenhouse gases, etc. Farmers can monitor and analyze their livestock, crops, and machinery with remote locations, chips, and sophisticated drones efficiently. Security and surveillance-based censor will be enhanced further with inter-connected devices offering impenetrable security for banks and other financial institutions.

Smart Utilities Services 

By applying business intelligence utility companies consisting of energy, electric power and water will build tools to enhance their capabilities. IoT enables network devices connected with smart-grids will help apply efficient measures for energy production and waste management. In similar trends, oil and gas companies will use these IoT devices to enhance the performance of their oil wells for higher productivity.

Connected Healthcare 

With 5G speed and IoT architecture, the health industry might see large changes with remote patient treatments, medical procedures, robotic surgeries, quick processing of PET scanners, and swift consultations. A modern revolution with wearable health monitors will encourage patient awareness and empower the new age population towards better health.

Smart Factories 

Sensors on every device allow a smart control on building new modern factories for enhancing production line efficiency, control day-to-day operations, and reduce energy compensation for enjoying automation capabilities by integrating 5G and IoT. This will help businesses with a huge reduction in operational costs and find more revenue streams.


These 5G and IoT enabled devices will offer a plethora of functionalities like health monitoring, inventory management, equipment maintenance, fleet management, and advanced analytics to help Aerospace industries to control operations.


With 5G and IoT, the technology is moving toward smarter and efficient use of technology in Homes, Factories, Buildings, Cities, Utilities and more. Connecting multiple devices for applications and services to offer a futuristic experience for users in real-world solutions. Almost every industry with see the change in automation, digital transformation and enjoy the improvised quality of life. 

Though the infrastructure is still at its beginning phase in countries, still the future looks promising with 5G and IoT. Cuelogic is among the most accomplished and versatile IoT development companies helping businesses achieve this digital transformation with 5G capabilities.


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