Winmate Announces New Industrial USB Type-C Display

March 05, 2019

Winmate Announces New Industrial USB Type-C Display

Connecting everything you need through a single cable.

Winmate Inc., a global leader in developing rugged computing solutions for industries operating in some of the most challenging environments, launches a brand-new industrial display series featuring USB Type-C as the only display connector. The USB Type-C Display is available in open frame as well as waterproof IP65-rated chassis housing, with display sizes ranging from 7 to 15 inches.

The USB Type-C Display offers a new generation of convenience for the world of industrial connectivity. With just a single USB Type-C cable connected to your device, power, video input and touch panel signal are all able to happen simultaneously through the same cable. This simplifies the typical two to three cables that are needed to operate a display to just one.

USB Type-C connectors have already become standard in consumer electronics, now the technology is moving towards industrial applications, providing many advantages to industrial system designers. The higher speed supported by the connector and the protocol also allows HD video streams to be easily transferred for machine vision applications. Higher performance data transfer and power distribution all-in-one can significantly reduce the complexity of the system design and reduce the cost and development time.

“The USB Type-C Display was developed to meet growing customer demands for industrial-grade solutions with USB-C connector and to provide a compact display solution suitable for tight fitting places here too much cabling causes inconvenience,” said David Chen, Product Manager of Winmate. “The USB Type-C display solution is suitable for factory floor, machine vision, and outdoor application as well as in vehicles.”

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