The FW-7551SE: Connectivity-ready vCPE/CPE Appliance

December 18, 2017

The FW-7551SE: Connectivity-ready vCPE/CPE Appliance

The FW-7551SE: Connectivity-ready vCPE/CPE Appliance that Delivers Network Simplicity and Agility


The FW-7551SE, an upgraded iteration of Lanner’s vCPE/CPE device the FW-7551, is designed to take full advantage of Intel’s Atom C2000 Series processors and comes with additional connectivity features, delivering virtualization-optimized performance and exceptional energy efficiency for network security, communication and on-demand network functions.

The FW-7551SE comes with a two-, four-, or eight-core Intel Atom processor C2358/C2558/C2758 SoC, 4x RJ45 GbE LAN ports, 2x SFP, IntelQuickAssist Technology and up to 16 Gbytes of 1333/1600 MHz ECC DIMM (DDR3).

When compared with the 1st generation FW-7551, the FW-7551SE offers the following additional features:

4 antennas (2x for Wi-Fi and 2x for LTE)

M.2 onboard storage

M.2 (USB interface, LTE) and mini-PCIE (mini-PCIE + USB interface) for expansion

2x SIM card slots

Built-in TPM 2.0 support

The FW-7551SE brings features typically found in higher-end networking devices, in desktop form factor. It is one of Lanner’s SDN/NFV-ready network appliances for vCPE, SD-WAN and SD-Security.

The FW-7551SE can also be deployed as a CPE device for managing networks at medium-sized business, branch offices and distributed enterprises.

The built-in Wi-Fi and LTE connectivity makes device deployment at remote offices and distributed locations possible, enabling SD-WAN portals capable of delivering add-on VNF services such as VoIP, VPN, firewall and QoE. What’s more, SD-WAN solutions built with FW-7551SE enjoy simplified device management, bottleneck-free network traffic, optimal operational efficiency and end-to-end quality control.