Huber Signal Processing Announces the RFA 600, a Highly Linear RF Precision Amp

October 18, 2017

Huber Signal Processing Announces the RFA 600, a Highly Linear RF Precision Amp

HUBER SIGNAL PROCESSING extends its test & measurement product line with the RF precision amplifier RFA 600.

RFA 600
RFA 600

Typical applications for this device are pulsed laser devices, radar systems, ultra sonic systems, automated test environment (ATE), VHF transmitters, data cable drivers, HDTV cable drivers, signal generator output stages and many more.

What makes the product outstanding for this category is the output voltage swing, that can be as high as 22 V. This is possible due to the discrete circuit design and sophisticated components. Unlike most RF amplifiers, it processes True-DC signals. This is very important for accurate pulse amplification and analysis, especially when the pulses have different length.


Key Features:


- Input and output connectors: BNC type


- Operation indicators: There are two LEDs signaling overload condition of the positive and the negative level


- Impedance: The input impedance is 50 Ω. The output is switch-able between 50 Ω or 0 Ω. Other impedances are available on demand.


- Gain: Both the RFA 300 and the RFA 600 provide a fixed gain of 20 dB


- Linearity: While the predecessor RFA 300 is able to process a signal bandwidth from DC to 300 MHz, the RFA 600 now goes from DC up to 600 MHz. It provides a highly linear frequency range. From DC to 100 MHz, the ripple is within ±0.1 dB. From 100 MHz to 200 MHz it is within ±0.2 dB.


- Rise time: max. 6300 V/µs


- Distortion: THD is better than 70 dBc for the first harmonic and 60 dBc for the second


- Inter-modulation IP3out: Better than 45 dBm (f = 10 MHz), or 41 dBm (f = 40 MHz)

HUBER SIGNAL PROCESSING provides research & development of customized digital and analogue signal processing systems, workshops, compliance tests and series production. Furthermore, the company has developed its own test & measurement devices, like vector signal generators, active probes, measurement range extenders as well as DSP and FPGA evaluation systems.

Products of HUBER SIGNAL PROCESSING are 'made in Germany' and may be individually modified to the customer's specification. For example, the RFA amplifier design can be integrated as an output stage in signal generators, or as a pin driver for automated test environments (ATE).


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