Guardian Optical Technologies Announces "Weight Classification" Capabilities for its In-Cabin Optical Sensor

July 01, 2019

Guardian Optical Technologies Announces "Weight Classification" Capabilities for its In-Cabin Optical Sensor

News Release About a New Feature Will Make Air Bag Deployment Safer for Front Seat Passengers

(Tel Aviv, Israel - June 6, 2019)  Guardian Optical Technologies, a company dedicated to enabling "passenger-aware" cars, today announced a new feature incorporated into its "all in one" cabin sensor technology that will help protect front-seat passengers from airbag deployment injuries. 
The sensor will now be able to determine and classify the weight of the driver and the passenger in the front seats and consequently, the vehicle will automatically adjust airbag deployment during a collision. In addition, the system will determine the distance of the chest and head of the front passengers from the steering wheel/dashboard. This, in combination with wearing seat belts, will help prevent bodily injuries sometimes caused by the force of deployment if the driver or passenger is too close to - or comes in direct contact with - the airbag when it first begins to deploy.
"According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), in order to avoid an airbag-related injury, passengers need to be seated properly," said Gil Dotan, co-founder, and CEO of Guardian Optical Technologies. "We know that people don't always sit as far back as suggested and are prone to moving around. i.e: tying a shoelace. Having a sensor constantly keeping track of someone's weight and posture, in addition to the wearing of seat belts, should mitigate injuries that are caused more by airbag deployment than the collision itself."
Guardian's sensor technology identifies the location and physical dimensions of everyone in the car, distinguishing people from objects. By detecting micro vibrations, the system can register presence, in most cases, even without a direct line of sight. Real-time, comprehensive "big data" is collected from the motion analysis and 2D/3D input, and is fused with image analysis of the sensor's video feed, to provide a complete analysis of a vehicle's the driver and passengers. Guardian's sensors detect every moving object inside the vehicle to ensure safety to all the passengers. 
"Guardian will continue to add sensor capabilities to its product that aim to prevent car accidents and the security of passengers in the vehicle," Dotan said. "We also envision that this feature will provide a healthcare benefit in terms of encouraging weight loss and posture improvement for both passengers and drivers."
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