Cepton Reveals SORA-P60L LiDAR for UAVs

By Laura Dolan

Senior Copywriter


May 07, 2019

Cepton Reveals SORA-P60L LiDAR for UAVs

New Cepton sensor provides industry-leading 400Hz scan rate for UAVs for advanced mapping and surveying.

Cepton Technologies, Inc. released its SORA series of scanning LiDAR sensors that provide long-range, high-resolution imaging for unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs).

The SORA-P60L has a 400 Hz frame rate, helping drones maintain a high point cloud density while flying at a faster speed and a 550-gram payload that elongates the time of the UAV flight, covering more ground in a single trip.

"Cepton's SORA-P60L leads the LiDAR industry with its best-in-class point cloud density that provides superior imaging for UAVs. With the affordable price point, long-range capabilities and high frame rate of SORA-P60L, UAVs can capture data faster and build more accurate maps," said VP of Business Development at Cepton, Neil Huntingdon. "SORA-P60L is our first product from the SORA family that we have unveiled this year. We see a lot of opportunities for this unique sensor in other markets and have a number of products in development that will be revealed later this year."

Learn more at https://www.cepton.com/.  

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