Winmate Unveils IP69K Stainless P-Series with Conduit Pipe in Panel PC and Display Options

September 06, 2019


Winmate Unveils IP69K Stainless P-Series with Conduit Pipe in Panel PC and Display Options

The perfect terminal for operations in harsh environments with strict hygiene demands.

Winmate, a premium rugged computing and embedded solutions provider for industries operating in the most challenging environments, launches the new IP69K Stainless P-Series with Conduit Pipe. Available in Panel PC and Display options, these waterproof members feature screen sizes ranging from 15-inch to 23.8-inch, with P-Cap touchscreen to ensure a user-friendly multi-touch experience and a waterproof conduit pipe for extra cable protection.

Corrosion Resistant SUS304 Stainless Steel Housing with IP69K Water, Dust Protection

Made of SUS304 stainless steel, the housing is full IP69K-rated water, dust and corrosion-proof, withstanding extensive wash downs with corrosion resistance against cleaning agents, especially against close-range high-pressure (up to 30 Bar), high temperature (up to 80°C) wash downs. This feature has made the P-Series the perfect terminal for operations in demanding environments that call for uncompromising hygiene requirements, such as in the food, chemical or pharmaceutical industries.

Extra Protection with Conduit Pipe

A custom-built waterproof conduit pipe that comes with the panel PC allows for an additional layer of protection for the peripheral cables connected to the panel PC. Use standard I/O ports to connect peripherals while conduit pipe guarantees water and dust protection of cables.

Air Vent Valve Optimizes Operational Safety

The included air vent valve comes with an automatic mechanical system to act as a safety device that controls and maintains pressure without the user's assistance in order to avoid air related problems.

Ultimate Touch Experience

Thanks to the P-Cap technology the P-Series delivers excellent responsive performance, even in extreme environments, by supporting multi-touch and allowing for anyone to operate it easily with fingers. Experience intuitive user controls, zooming, tapping, scrolling and more Windows gestures on your panel PC!

Multiple Mounting Options

The P-Series boasts versatile mounting options, including panel mount, Yoke mount and VESA mount, for installation in all the industrial scenarios.

Speaking of other highlights, the front surface of the device is flat, making it easy and straightforward to clean. The P-Series Panel PC lineup ships with high performing Intel® Core™ i5-7200U Kaby Lake processor, meaning they can easily handle multimedia content. The wireless connectivity is not compromised thanks to the support for Wi-Fi and Bluetooth for real-time communications and data transfer. The IP69K Stainless P-Series with Conduit Pipe are engineered to meet the strict safety and guidelines to make your food processing plants or other production output more efficient.

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