Alphacore Launches Advisory Board with Industry Luminaries

October 02, 2018


Alphacore Launches Advisory Board with Industry Luminaries

Tempe, AZ (October 1, 2018) - Alphacore Inc., a high-performance leader in analog, mixed signal and RF electronic design, announced today the formation of an advisory board comprised of industry...

Alphacore Inc., a high-performance leader in analog, mixed signal and RF electronic design, announced today the formation of an advisory board comprised of industry leaders. Jim Hogan and Pete Rodriguez are founding members of this key body chartered to provide strategic business guidance to help Alphacore continue its meteoric growth as recently showcased in its selection to the Inc. 500.

Alphacore’s product and technology mix includes extremely high-performance data converters and analog/RF building blocks, imaging ICs and systems for visible and infrared light, innovative power electronics, and unique hardware devices for cybersecurity assurance. Many of Alphacore’s circuits and systems are designed to withstand the extreme rigors of temperature and radiation of space and other harsh environments. Among Alphacore’s customers are various branches of the U.S. Department of Defense, Department of Energy, NASA, NIST and high-performance commercial companies.

“I am incredibly excited to have such a wonderful team advising Alphacore,” stated Dr. Esko Mikkola, founder and CEO. “Jim and Pete bring a wealth of industrial, technology and strategic knowledge and know-how to our team. We have already been working with them individually in different capacities and bringing them together as an Advisory Board will further sharpen their collective contributions to Alphacore’s success.”

Jim Hogan is a veteran venture capitalist and semiconductor/EDA industry star. Jim has worked in the semiconductor design and manufacturing industry for more than 40 years, gaining experience as a senior executive and board director in electronic design automation, intellectual property, semiconductor equipment, material science and IT companies. Jim was a general partner at Telos Venture Partners and senior vice president of business development at Artisan Components Inc., now part of ARM Holdings PLC. He held executive engineering, marketing and operational management positions at Cadence Design Systems, Inc., National Semiconductor Corporation (now TI) and Phillips Semiconductor (now NXP). Jim holds a B.A. degree in mathematics, a B.S. degree in computer science and an M.B.A., all from San Jose State University.

“Alphacore is forging a unique niche in the world of semiconductors,” said Mr. Hogan. “Not only is the company designing analog, mixed-signal, and RF circuits that beat the current state of the art in several performance and power parameters in conventional environments, but many of these are designed to do so under brutal conditions like outer space and inside high energy particle accelerators. Their ‘dual use’ value proposition is exceptionally compelling, and my mission is to help connect Alphacore to the commercial opportunities that will benefit from their superb technology.”

Pete Rodriguez has over 30 years of experience in the Semiconductor industry. Pete is currently CEO of Silicon Catalyst, the only incubator focused exclusively on semiconductor solution startups. Prior to Silicon Catalyst Pete was VP & GM of Interface and Power at NXP Semiconductors. Prior to NXP Pete was CEO of Exar Corporation, CEO of Xpedion Design Systems, Chief Marketing Officer at Virage Logic and Major Account Manager at LSI Logic. Pete spent 12 years as an entrepreneur with three different startups and has raised over $30 million in venture capital. He also retired from the US Naval Reserves with the rank of Commander. Pete has served on public, private, advisory and non-profit boards of directors. He is a graduate in strategy and policy of the Naval War College, has an MBA from Pepperdine University, an MSEE from Cal Poly Pomona, and a BS in Chemical Engineering from the California Institute of Technology.

“I have been working with the Alphacore for nearly a year, the team has developed several important and extremely high-performance analog and mixed-signal intellectual property in analog to digital conversion, imaging and radiation tolerance,” said Mr. Rodriguez. “We look forward to working closely with the team as they take their next product and growth steps.”


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Alphacore is a leading provider of high-performance analog, mixed-signal and RF electronics. Alphacore specializes in high-speed and high-reliability products, including ADCs, PLLs, super high-speed imaging, detectors and cybersecurity. Alphacore delivers products and performs services for dozens of industry, government and research agencies. It has established partnerships with nine leading academic institutions and is a significant research funder for Arizona State University. Founded in 2012, Alphacore is headquartered in Tempe, Arizona. Alphacore was recently recognized by Inc. Magazine as one of the top 500 fastest growing American companies in 2017.

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