iWave Unveils ARINC818 Digital Video Recorder (DVR)

December 12, 2019

Press Release

iWave Systems announcing the launch of ARINC818 Digital Video Recorder (DVR).

iWave Systems, a fundraising intelligence platform, has been a designer of ARINC818 Solutions announcing the launch of ARINC818 Digital Video Recorder (DVR).

ARINC818: Avionics Digital Video Bus (ADVB), a video interface and protocol standard developed for high bandwidth, low latency, uncompressed digital video transmission in avionics systems, in addition to being the bus connecting the video cameras/processors to a variety of displays (HUDs, MFDs HMDs), has expanded into high-resolution video data recorders.

iWave's ARINC818 DVR, powered by Xilinx ZynQ UltraScale+ MPSoC, is a multi-channel record/playback system which accepts any form of ARINC818 video input with different resolution & refresh rate. The received ARINC818 video stream is encoded with the assist of on-chip H.264/5 video codec engine which is capable of performing simultaneous compression and decompression of video streams. Finally, the encoded video is stored in either SSD/HDD.

Key Features of the ARINC818 Digital Video Recorder  :

• Accepts any sort of ARINC818 video stream at different resolution & refresh rate
• Multi-Standard Encoding / Decoding support
o ISO MPEG-4 Part 10: Advanced Video Coding (AVC) / ITU H.264
o ISO MPEG-H Part 2: High Efficiency Video Coding (HEVC) / ITU H.265
• Storing of compressed video data
• Playback of the recorded video stream


• The solution is currently at prototype validation
• First Prototype shall be available in Q1 of 2020

For more information, please visit: https://www.iwavesystems.com/arinc818-dvr