Need a high brightness 1000 nits with light sensor, P-cap touch, Open frame panel PC?

April 03, 2018


Need a high brightness 1000 nits with light sensor, P-cap touch, Open frame panel PC?

To a customer's project, we TAICENN provide a ODM solution and product TPC-OPC150C1H panel PC for a outdoor automatic payment applications.



Background: Last week, one customer sent a enquiry to us, and looking for a Panel PC for their outdoor automatic payment machine application. Since it will be mounted outdoor, probably under sunlight; Its machine run a very small Linux based application, and don't request a Core CPU processor; Also, he need the Panel PC open-frame mounting to his machine.

We TAICENN checked our current product design, and decided to ODM a solution and product to meet his requests. We made some changes on the current design, and add high brightness 1000 nits, and light sensor features into the products.

TAICENN TPC-OPC150C1H series is a low power-consumption, Fan-less designed, enhanced stability and reliability industrial Touch Panel PC product, specially designed for Outdoor automatic machine applications, as its brightness up to 1000 nits with light sensors. It adapts Intel Bay trail J1900 processor. TPC-DCXXXC series storage can support 2.5'' SATA and mSATA interface, HDD or SSD. The design uses a multi-point (10- points) projective capacitive touch screen, and it can fulfill front panel NEMA/IP65 dust-proof and water-proof standards. The TPC-OPC150C1H is designed with 2*GLAN, 6*USB, 6*RS232, 1*VGA, 1*HDMI I/O ports, but in very compact and small dimension.

The TPC-OPC150C1H uses full-sealed box construction, and it can prevent dust from entering the device system.

The TAICENN TPC-OPC150C1H is compatible with Windows 7, Windows 7 Embedded, Windows8, Windows10, Linux OS, and it also has a good compatibility with customized applications and software programs.


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