BOXER-8110AI: Utilizing Service Robots to Prevent the Spread of Disease

March 31, 2020


BOXER-8110AI: Utilizing Service Robots to Prevent the Spread of Disease

The BOXER-8110AI is deployed to power automated service robots, helping to reduce person-to-person contact during the pandemic.

AAEON has worked with customers to deploy the BOXER-8110AI, an embedded BOX PC featuring the NVIDIA Jetson TX2 SoC, to power automated service robots in hotels and other service industries. 

With the ongoing Coronavirus disease 19 (COVID-19) pandemic, many countries and communities have banned large assemblies and events, and advised citizens to practice social isolation. One tool several hotels have deployed is the automated service robot, providing room service autonomously helps to reduce disease vectors between guests and staff. 

The BOXER-8110AI with NVIDIA Jetson TX2 powers the robot, helping it to navigate through hotels and service facilities.

The BOXER-8110AI is built for AI and edge computing applications. It is equipped with 256 CUDA cores for powering AI inferences and deep learning frameworks including TensorFlow, Caffe2, and MXNet, as well as support software developed by users.

 The BOXER-8110AI features I/O ports designed for flexibility in integrating with projects, including CANBus and COM ports used for machine and motor control. The rugged and fanless design of the BOXER-8110AI allows for embedded operation in a wide range of temperatures and environments, allowing deployment in virtually any task, according to the company. 

AAEON customers have developed a service robot powered by the BOXER-8110AI which is already operating in several hotels.

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