Wearable Wellness with Advanced Optical & Temperature Sensors

August 01, 2019


Medical wearable electronics have massive potential as an instrument for next-generation healthcare and well-being, but struggle with many of the standard embedded design challenges – size, power consumption, and accuracy. Fortunately, semiconductor companies continue to progress with solutions that deliver high signal to noise ratio in ever-smaller form factors with minimal energy draw.

Maxim Integrated is setting the bar in this field with the release of the MAXM86161 optical heart rate and SpO2 sensor and MAX30208 digital temperature sensor. Both devices are compact enough to be designed into in-ear wearable medical devices. Andrew Baker, Managing Director of Industrial and Healthcare Business Units at Maxim Integrated explains how these precision, integrated silicon solutions build on previous generations to advance wearable medical technology. He also introduces two new development kits that will get healthcare engineers on the path to building better wellness electronics.