Innovusion Launches its Lidar System Cheetah

By Laura Dolan

Senior Copywriter


June 14, 2019


Innovusion Launches its Lidar System Cheetah

Industry?s first proprietary dual - rotating polygon design provides safest and most reliable detection available, while maintaining picture-like resolution and long-distance capability.

Innovusion Inc.’s Cheetah system has patented detector electronics, advanced optics and sophisticated software algorithms that provides a long-distance, high-resolution LiDAR vehicle mobility system.

The Cheetah system features:

  • A screen resolution of 300 vertical pixels, sustaining a frame rate of 10Hz
  • 40-degree vertical FOV, and 0.14-degree resolution over its 100-degree horizontal FOV
  • Provides a detection range of 200 meters on objects with 10 percent reflectivity and clearly identifies objects as far away as 280 meters
  • Achieves picture-like imaging due to its high volume of vertical and horizontal scanning lines covering the entire field of view
  • Conducive for safety system architects as the main perception sensor for L3+ autonomous vehicles, preventing the demand for multiple LiDAR systems

“Our technology strategy was to create the Cheetah platform using a judicious combination of mature industry-proven technology combined with innovative in-house optical and systems expertise to be able to optimize the price/performance and manufacturability of the resulting solution,” Innovusion’s CEO, Dr. Junwei Bao, said. “Our team of innovative and highly-skilled precision optical system designers created the industry’s first Image grade high performance polygon-based solution that is robust enough for the demanding requirements of the automotive industry.”   

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